How we Storyboard our content in Figma?

Figma, with its powerful features, is a favourite amongst social media marketers for quick and intuitive content creation. Since we are required to post on a frequent basis, it is of utmost importance to have all the graphics stored efficiently in one place. This is where the art of storyboarding kicks in.

What is storyboarding?

Storyboarding is the process of structurally organizing different graphic pieces according to certain attributes in a uniform manner. This provides us clarity and a clutter-free environment.

Let us now give you a sneak peek into our process of storyboarding in Figma.

Step 1. Creating Carousel

We create carousels and stories on the blank canvas as it become easy to move around objects on it. Also, we can pick out elements from other posts/slides, modify it and apply it in our own. This saves a lot of time.

Step 2. Applying Naming Conventions

It is recommended that you name your posts/slides according to the content so that it becomes easier to locate it.

Step 3. Profile Preview

We designed a preview screen by taking a screenshot of our profile page. We use it to see how our post looks on our profile page as a minimized view.

Step 4. Date Frame

We enclose our posts within a frame to structure it. We also name it as the date of post according to the naming convention and attach a textbox as the label.

Step 5. Week Frame

Now we further box it in a week frame again naming according to the convention as well as attaching the appropriate label.

Result: Our Playground!

This is how our storyboard looks like- well-labelled, organized, and clutter-free!

On the left-hand corner, there is a section called pages. We use it to further organize our different types of graphic content.

Some Key Takeaways:

  • Assign proper naming convention to elements.

  • Use frames to group slides as well as posts of a week or month.

  • Use text boxes to assign labels and comments.

  • Design a preview screen by taking a screenshot of your profile page.

  • Keep pages for different tasks you do.


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