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Following the footsteps of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook, Google has also come up with their own version of stories in the form of Google WebStories. Let us know what's in it for you?

Google WebStories is an immersive and engaging format that showcases visuals connected to the website link to hook the user. The stories appear on full screen and can be traversed through tapping.

The stories will be displayed on the Google App, Images as well as Discover once the keywords match with the content of your story. This would ensure better organic reach and increased traffic to your website as Google is promoting this new feature.

You can make your own story using WebStories for WordPress which is available in Beta version. Here's the way to do it.

  1. Go to the official page of Web Stories for WordPress. Click on Download Beta.

2. Download the zip file and save it in a folder in your system.

3. Go to the official page of WordPress. From the sidebar, click on Plugins > Add New.

4. Click on Upload Plugin > Choose File. Select the file you downloaded. Then click on Install Now.

5. Click on Activate Plugin once you’ve downloaded.

6. Click on Create a New Story to start creating a Web Story.

7. This is the editor where you can play around and make visually engaging stories of your website content.

8. Add link of the website to the text.

Sounds cool? Give it a try! Let us know how would you engage using Google WebStories.


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