Marketise Skills with LinkedIn Blended Header Image: Figma Import & Redesign Tutorial

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

During COVID-19, most of the companies are looking to remotely hire candidates. To fulfill that purpose, recruiting agencies, companies, and recruiters are relying on professional Social Media connections, especially LinkedIn which serves as the most promising professional network in the current time-frame. Marketizing yourself in the times when the competition is uprising requires some distinction, & to achieve that distinction.

The team at CyberFocus constantly looks for utilizing social media spaces for an individual or organization's benefit, and this time we are trying to bring a very small, but powerful change in your LinkedIn profile that might help you stand out better. This time we have utilized Figma to create a generic design that would make you stand out of the crowd.

We present you a header image wherein you can mention:

  • Your Role

  • Brief introduction

  • Skillset

  • Contact details

& much more depending upon what's the extent you want to customize this template.

Marketise yourself with a blended LinkedIn header
LinkedIn Blended Header

You'll be using Figma to re-design LinkedIn header for your own purpose.

Steps to customize LinkedIn header:

  1. Download the following file & unzip it: Figma File

  2. Follow the tutorial ahead:

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